Green Carbon - briefly in english - Green Carbon

Green Carbon – briefly in english

Founded in 2019, Green Carbon Finland develops solutions for controlling global warming and reducing emissions that pollute the atmosphere. We work together with Finnish landowners and the forest research sector and are committed to continuously developing our activities. Our current services include:

Carbon sinks. Finland is the most forested country in Europe and our forests have tremendous growth potential. The better a forest grows, the more carbon it stores. We work on carbon sink projects together with Finnish land and forest owners. We are the first Nordic company to achieve ISO 14064 -standard for our carbon sinks.

Offset. The carbon sinks will be sold to organizations and companies that wish to offset their carbon footprint. In addition to these local and scientifically approved forest projects, we also sell certified carbon sink projects internationally.

Information systems. We are constantly researching and developing ways to automate carbon footprint reduction. We develop information systems based on international databases to evaluate, control and report on carbon footprint.

Our solutions cover forest container data management for carbon sink calculation and process management from landowner contract to project auditing.

Our corporate solutions helps carbon data collection for CO2e emission reporting. 

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