Carbon accounting

Carbon footprint calculation, that follows the GHG protocol, gives an accurate picture of the amount of CO2e emissions.


Would you like to calculate the carbon footprint of your business, product, service, or event? The need to monitor the emissions of your operations can be driven by your company’s values, industry regulations, or stakeholder expectations.

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A carbon footprint based on the GHG protocol is a powerful indicator of better choices. Calculating your carbon footprint provides concrete data on your activities and helps communicate your company’s climate efforts. The calculation is always performed according to industry-specific standards. At Green Carbon, we use i.e. the following standards: 

  • Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG) 
  • Greenhouse Gas Protocol Product Life Cycle Accounting and Reporting 
  • ISO 14067 standard for product-specific emissions accounting 
  • Ministry of Environment Low Carbon Building Assessment Methodology 


Start-up meeting 
Going through the details of the project

Data collection 
The client collects quantity data in Excel format 

Calculation & reporting 
Determining the amount of emissions 

Results meeting 
Proposals to reduce emissions 

Planning the next steps for your climate work 

Start-up meeting
Going through the details of the project

Calculation & reporting 
Determining the amount of emissions

Planning the next steps for your climate work 

Data collection 
The client collects quantity data in Excel format 

Results meeting 
Proposals to reduce emissions 


The carbon footprint is an increasingly important piece of information for customer and consumer markets. Buying behaviour has changed and customers want value for their money. Companies must demonstrate their environmental responsibility and help their customers choose a more sustainable option.

By demanding climate responsibility from your value chain, you can also influence in your own emissions.

Find out the current situation


A business emissions calculation determines the baseline. This is the amount of emissions, the company’s baseline, to which the calculations or the development of the amount of emissions will be compared in future years. 

We want to guide companies towards a comprehensive and realistic emissions calculation, covering the emissions of the whole value chain (Scope 1–3).


You will receive comprehensive information regarding the environmental impact throughout the entire life cycle of a product or a service. 

Product-specific emissions calculations should always be done on a cradle-to-grave basis, i.e., from raw material manufacture to disposal, unless a narrower scope is justified.


An event can be produced in an environmentally responsible way. Climate and nature values must be taken into account at the planning stage. 

Encourage the use of public transport, or even include this option directly in the ticket, and promote recycling at the event venue.

Take the next step

By regularly reviewing your emissions data, you can get accurate information on the evolution of your operations and the effectiveness of your emission reduction measures. These figures can then be used directly, for example, in a sustainability report. 


Emissions calculation already done? Great job! But are you unsure about the results? Perhaps you have used a generic calculator but want to verify the accuracy of the results. 

We’ll go through your data and check that the calculation has been done according to a trusted standard and meets its requirements. We will provide the client with a written statement of approved verification. 


More and more of our clients want to monitor their emissions in real time, or provide their clients with emissions data for their own products. The Carbon Calculator is a customised, browser-based tool, based on a calculation that has been carried out, which can be used by your own organisation to determine your emissions in the future. 

The calculator provides you with a compiled emissions report containing emissions data in clear infographics. You can get started using the calculator with a 12-month license, which includes the data you need, instructions for using the calculator, and maintenance of the emission factors.


Green Carbon’s emissions calculation process always includes communication support. 

Avoid the risk of greenwashing. It’s good – and right – to talk openly about climate action. Every action is a step forward. But remember to be specific about what you say and how. When calculating emissions, it’s a good idea to say which year the calculation is for, and what is included in the calculation.

Emissions calculations alone are not enough, it is actions that matter. Our experts will support you in the fast-evolving field, in communicating sustainability in a credible and transparent way, in line with the latest guidelines.


The emissions calculation is always for one year. As the business grows and develops, the calculation needs to be updated to provide up-to-date status information. Have you perhaps moved to new premises or hired more staff? If there are significant changes in your operations compared to the previous year, the update calculation should be done annually. If there is little change, an update every couple of years is enough.

The product-specific update calculation is easy to renew with the dedicated emission calculator. This means that up-to-date emissions data is just a few clicks away. 

Calculating your carbon footprint is very useful for your business:


For some companies, emissions inventories are still a voluntary, value-driven activity. Times are changing, and regulations are driving more and more companies to act in a climate-responsible way. The CSRD (EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive) will require all listed and large companies to report on sustainability in line with the new standard.

In addition, the financial sector and finance are regulated by the SFDR (Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation). These regulations apply to small businesses operating through value chains. 

Do you need help interpreting the regulations? Our experts can help! 


Case: Respect Project

The carbon footprint calculation showed that the Respect Project is already well on track globally. 

I was following Green Carbon updates on LinkedIn, and when becoming more environmentally conscious became relevant for us, I knew where to turn for help. It was important to us that, in the midst of heated public debate about offsets, the partner we chose was verified and certified.

Petja Pietiläinen
Founding Partner, Chairman of the Board

Case: Suunto

Green Carbon carried out a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of three different models of the Suunto 9 Peak Pro sports watch. 

The calculation was carried out in accordance with ISO 14025, Greenhouse Gas Protocol Product Life Cycle Accounting and Reporting, and ISO 14040/14044. 

Case: Jukola

Jukolan viesti (Jukola relay) is the largest relay event in the world, attracting tens of thousands of people to the event every year. 

We have acted as Jukola relays emissions management partner in 2021, 2022, and 2023. Our service package has included emissions calculations for both the event itself and the companies participating in the event, and a series of workshops to reduce emissions.

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Matti Toivonen



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