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Accurate environmental data helps to build a sustainable future business and maximise positive impact on the environment.

With our expertise and data-driven solutions, we aim to be the primary source of sustainability data that enables companies to analyse their responsible behaviour and software companies to easily integrate green features into their solutions. Through expert guidance and data-driven solutions, we enable a competitive advantage in building sustainable businesses. 


Carbon Footprint tools

More and more of our clients want to monitor their emissions in real time, or provide their clients with emissions data for their own products. The Carbon Calculator is a customised, browser-based tool, based on a calculation that has been carried out, which can be used by your own organisation to determine your emissions in the future.  

The calculator provides you with a compiled emissions report containing emissions data in clear infographics. You can get started using the calculator with a 12-month license, which includes the data you need, instructions for using the calculator, and maintenance of the emission factors. 

Interface for Climate Data

CO2API brings you the most comprehensive collection of emission factors for carbon calculations. The database can be connected to your own solutions like ERP or Excel through easy-to-use API.

CO2API is data interface for acquiring conversion factors needed for environmental impact calculations like carbon footprinting and biodiversity impacts. 

Through this API, you can integrate environmental information into your own applications or website related to sustainability. 

Sustainability data platform

Carbon Radar is a data platform focused on climate and environmental impacts. You can compare the environmental impacts of stock exchanges, companies, and industries and receive data on the sustainability of operations. The platform combines financial metrics with environmental data, enabling the assessment of real, operationally scaled effects.

Through Carbon Radar, you can order sustainability analyses and reports related to specific industries or portfolios. The data offered on the platform also provides system developers with the opportunity to build sustainability-related features into their own products. 

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